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Default RE: Millennium rc ssx-trainer with pics personal review

Oh, just some background on my SLOW STICK-X:

Powered by ASTRO FLIGHT 010, 14-Turn Inrunner and mounted in the GWS plastic Gearbox (EPS-300/350) using the pinion gear and spurr gear to make for 3.75:1 ratio which allows to swing a large E-Flite 12 X 6 but, I like using the E-Flite 11 X 7 Slow Flyer Propeller. The ESC is a specially made for ASTRO FLIGHT by Castle Creations 10-AMP and has quick disconnect connectors between motor and ESC.

The servos are GWS STD Narrow and Receiver is a Castle Creations BERG 4-Channel lite.

However, for aileron control I use the HITEC HS81MG (Metal Gear).

I use nothing larger than 3-Cell, 1300mAH, 20C / 25C, Li-POLYs and my total Flight Ready Weight is right at 17oz.

Some Pictures of my Leading Edge Repairs!