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Default RE: RCU Buy/Sell

They installed some new servers, and are with a new service provider.They are still working the
bugs out.....days & days later.

Anything to do with the server hosting images is farkled, such as slide shows/video/galleries.

Forget the Buy/Sell, access has deteriorated so that now it's not accessable. Whatever the
problem it's getting worse, not better. Various things we click on, get 'redirected' to other servers,
and they're not all talking nice with each other.

You may occaisionally gain access to Buy/Sell Marketplace with MSIExploder, but not Firefox browsers.

Hopefully they get 'er done soon.

p.s (1).......

About photos here in messages on RCU;

A couple things we can do to temporarily side-step RCU's current glitches regarding photos in messages are,

1a) Resize your photos to 800x600 (round abouts 100kb in size, or less)
1b) A FREE program to do so is [link=http://www.irfanview.net/]InfranView......[/link]

2) ONLY upload ONE photo/image per message! Any group of 2 or more and several get blown HUGE!!!


Another area is failing now;

the avatar smileys you can add to messages, the "more smileys...." area....they've nearly ALL disappeared. Yesterday only a few were gone.

Friday, access to the Buy/Sell Marketplace was intermittant at best. Yesterday it locked down entirely!
Limited access had been possible with MSIExploder, but no longer. Firefox can't see that area at all.


Here's yet another area in meltdown;

I did a lookup of a member profile, and THIS is what I got {see attached photo}
That's something we shouldn't be seeing!

Whomever RCU has 'fixing' things needs to fix 'em faster.....it's doing a slow melt-down![&o]

Hopefully, RCU doesn't become the digital version of the Titanic.

I might end up asking that woman in my house if she's my wife, or the maid.
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