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Hi both,
I think we all agree (and your July contribution to the other thread that you pointed out to us Woodbender expresses much the same sentiment too) that help is required. Thanks for forwarding the thread too. Perhaps there is knowledge out on the Internet, maybe even in RC Universe - but it takes a lot of searching. I did receive a very helpful PM and this adds to my understanding. Yesterday I wrote to a guy here in the UK who runs a model flying school and he also teaches computer radio set up's. I have asked him for help (paid) and this is my last resort.

If I do go down this route and learn something I may well try to write it in such a way that others can benefit. Perhaps we could use this thread/ forum to all contribute with Dummies and Expert guides a bit like Wikiepedia, and so build a body of knowledge that all can benefit from? If a moderator is following this - what do you think?