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Default RE: Futaba 12 FG Dummies Guide

Regarding the video, I agree, profmb, it's a step. Yes, I saw this when it first came out several months ago. Like other sources on the web, it offers good information. That 's the good news.

The bad news is this information, like that scattered throughout threads like this one is just that; scattered, unorganized, difficult to find, even more difficult to follow and in the end, only marginally useful IMHO.

Moreover, ask any instructor. Video teaching is just about the least effective way to teach something; especially something technical and complicated. One cannot both watch the video and duplicate the operations. That's one of the reasons a written (on paper) book/manual works so well.

Ideally, a book AND DVD, IMHO, the ideal instructional format these days, taking into account people's different learning styles, is the best of both worlds. (In the How-To publishing world, this is the latest thing.)

Hobbico, if you're listening, all you would have to do to make this video series useful is first, keep your promise to make this a video SERIES (That means more than one or two episodes.)

Second put the information in written form easily downloadable with the step by step instruction on how to duplicate what viewers see in the video.

Maybe eventually there could be a written complication of the series.. . I could see the episodes listed in a table of contents! And while you're translating the various convoluted "English" terms into.... er.. English, perhaps you could list these terms in a.... you guessed it! A Glossary!

I apologize for the sarcasm, but this just seems so obvious.