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Default Phoenix flight sim installation on an apple IMAC

Hello all,

I just got the Phoenix flight sim for Christmas and from what I could tell it is the only sim which is compatible with an IMAC computer. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using it on an IMAC; I insert the CD and nothing happens and unfortunately the instructions than came with the software are next to useless if you have a MAC. The system does not appear to recognize the .exe files either so I have no idea of what to do. Any suggestions?

The computer is pretty new and it is running version 10.6 MAC OS, I believe that it is called "snow leopard". From what I can tell, it seems to me that I should be running booting up the machine as a Windows machine using Bootcamp but I have not idea of how to do that or if I am even correct in thinking so.



PS We got this IMAC simply because of the virus issues we have had with other PC computers, but to tell you the truth, I find most of the apple stuff a pain in the neck to use. Not as intuituitive as I thought it would be. At any rate I will probably get flamed for saying such things, but keep in mind that I am frustrated with the silly thing right now.