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Aeajr's advice matches my own. "Buyer Beware" is an old saying that still fits today, about business you do anywhere. "Is Northeast Sailplanes (NSP) still in business?' Is a question that has been ask by many across the web, and stands unanswered. I don't know. The fact that their website is still up and functioning is driving the confusion you read about. The facts are, my own calls and emails sent directly to NSP over the last thirty days, are all unanswered to date. I can't find anyone, anywhere across the many forums, that has talked to NSP directly in the last two months (DEC and NOV 2010) . I have carefully done the search to answer for myself, what is going on at NSP. I still don't know.

I'm not flaming any business or person, this is just what I know. Be careful. Always, call to check product availability, before ordering online. If you can't get any answers to your calls or emails, it may be best to shop elsewhere. There are other good sites, that like customer calls, about products they have- in stock- to sale. Have fun.