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Default How to prevent exhaust residue making a mess!

I have a secondhand 50 size ARF Mustang, powered with a side-mounted O.S.50 2-stroke, fitted with an in-cowl Pitts-style muffler.
The 2 metal exhaust tubes are fitted with standard silicon extensions to exit the cowl beneath the plane.
Fuel mix is 10% Nitro, 15% synthetic oil, 85% methanol.
The plane flies exceedingly well.

BUT - after every flight there is a large amount of oily residue right along the bottom of the fuselage!
I have tried cutting the end of the silicon extensions on an angle hoping that would help suck the residue away from the plane, but that didn't help. Maybe the angle was wrong?

Please, does anybody have an exhaust setup solution or an engine tuning solution to reduce the oily mess in these circumstances?

I have checked all fuel connections, engine and muffler bolts, etc and that all seems to be ship-shape.