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Default RE: China's J-20 Better Than F-22? Well I do not think so

Oh here we go... someone who thinks he knows. If'n I remember too, you were posting false data in another thread about the F-35...

1.) THe F-22 has thrust vectoring as well, but with one HUGE advanage, the flight computer of the F-22 allows it to do things the Su-35 simply cannot do. Just take a look at the demo flights for the F-22 which are done for the public. The F-22 CAN DO much more than that. The F-22 has more effective manuvering at just about every angle of attack over the Su-25, especially at flight envelope edges.

3.) The thrust to weight ratio of the latest verison of the Su-35 is 1.01, the F-22, 1.08. .07 is a large delta when it comes to thrust/weight. Armed, they favour the F-22, as MOST american weapon systems are lighter than compatible Russian weapons.

4.) Um, yes, the Su-35's true climb rate has been discolosed, afterall, its being sold to four different countries. Its known to be under 300m/s and Su themselves mark it at 250m/s. The F-22 is KNOWN and has been shown in public doing over 300m/s. Again, thats in public meaning in a fight, it can do better.

5.) You do know the difference between combat raidus and ferry range right? Because those numbers you gave are NOT combat radius. Not even close. Try Wikipedia again.

6.) It can still carry more, stealthy or not, it can carry almost a full 10,000 lbs more.

7.) The F-22 has the same sensor suite, minus the rearward antenna, as it has no need for it. The Su-35's rear system is for missle use only.

Again, stop reading Russian marketing literature.