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Default RE: Andrews aeromaster Too

Yeah, planes like this are worth quite a bit as unstarted kits, but not usually as finished planes unless they are in really great shape.

Rejuvenator might be worth a try, but the problem is most likely to be UV degradation, in which case it will still keep puncturing. Then you just fly till you're sick of patching it. The material should be fine with the air loads, it's trying to handle it like egg shells that gets tiresome. I had a 40 year old Goldberg Skylark that I kept going for awhile. I might have re-covered, but oil soaking had done in the fuel tank/firewall area.

Dope is thermoplastic, and will soften with a heat gun. You might be surprised at how easily it comes off that way. If it is not damaged from oil soaking you could re-cover and have a really nice plane.