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Default RE: Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3- Let's review UPDATE: 2/24/11...gone...

Here is a quick overview of the screw mod for the front/rear suspension arm holders for each diff for those that don't know. The idea behind the mod is pretty sound. Basically, the Rampage relies on 4 diff screws to pretty much absorb a lot of shock of the suspension. The stock plastic suspension arm holders (illustration below) use plastic pins to locate the holders on the chassis. Someone found that by screwing the suspension arm holders to the chassis instead of using pins, the diff cases aren't as subject to as much shock from the suspension and help prevent breakage.

The first step is to drill through the existing chassis holes that position the front/rear suspension arm holders onto the chassis. I used a drill bit size to allow a 10/24 size screw to pass through (right around 5mm). Then you need to counter sink the screws and use counter sink fasteners so the bottom of the chassis stays smooth.

This is what my chassis looked like when I drilled the 4.

This is a close up of the screws passing through the rear suspension arm holder with nuts holding them on the other side. The 10/24 fasteners are right about an inch in length. Note, while you can get nuts over the screws with the steering setup in place, it is FRUSTRATING. I recommend pulling the steering plate and the whole steering assembly out for this.

This is a shot of the front suspension arm holder screwed down.

Note that I did end up cutting off the V3 ears from the chassis to clear the V1 suspension arms. I am going to use limiting straps instead. I think this will be easier on the chassis and gear case by not relying on those parts to limit maximum suspension travel.