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Default RE: Do I need Twinsync

I have a Twinstar and decided to fork out the extra cash for a twinsync. I'm running 2 Magnum 4-strokes and the twinsync keeps them running very close (within ~50 rpm according to my tach). Ask any pilot who flies twins and they'll tell you that synchronized motors are much easier to deal with on takeoffs because you don't have to worry about one engine overpowering the other and fighting the rudder. But where they also really come into play is if one motor quits. The other idles and then you can regain control by bringing the throttle stick down and moving it back wherever you want. Another option I set was to have one engine speed up while making a rudder turn on the ground during taxing. And needless to say they also make your plane sound really cool when they're synched. So on my 1st twin, having a device keeping my engines always synched in my opinion is priceless...ok it's $99.