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Default RE: FW-190 Paint Scheme experts enter

Actually all of JG3 used the white band.

Reichsverteidigund were very standardized.

JG1 = solid red (has also been seen on JG300 birds)
JG2 = yellow with white band center
JG3 = white
JG4 = black with white band center
JG5 = black and yellow band
JG6= red with white band center
JG7= blue and red band
JG11= yellow NOSE and yellow tail band
JG26 = black and white band
JG27= green NOSE and green tail band
JG51 = green with white band center
JG52 = red and white band
JG53 = black NOSE and black tail band
JG54 = blue
JG77 = white and green band
JG300= blue with white band center
JG301 = yellow and red NOSE and yellow and red tail band

Note, as always, there are variations of each, including some "checker board" styles, specifically with JG7 and a specific Me262.

The bands were supposed to be 900mm wide, but those from JG3 were very narrow, while there are pictures of planes from JG1 and JG27 (the first units to be spotted with them) were wider.