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Default King baja upgrade questions ???????

I want more power out of my buggy, so I have some questions. Im new to this 5th scale stuff....
I was looking at some Big Bore Kits for the engine & wanted to know if I changed my engine with these kits would it just be a easy drop in or would I have to do some other mods to make this kit RTR ?
What Kit would be better for a 23cc engine:
THE "INTEGY" it turns your 23cc to a 30.5cc
THE "Hooter" it turns your 23cc to a 28.5cc
THE "Chung Yang" it turns your 23cc to a 26cc
the integy kit cost to much for me but this question is : Does it real matter or can either one Drop right in with no mods ?

With these kits will I get the same power as if I had brought a new 26 to 30.5 engine or is it a little bit under power from the kit ??

I wanna save some money on doing so but on doing the right/smart way but more power & all out fun