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Default RE: King baja upgrade questions ???????


the integy kit cost to much for me but this question is : Does it real matter or can either one Drop right in with no mods ?

With these kits will I get the same power as if I had brought a new 26 to 30.5 engine or is it a little bit under power from the kit ??
I posted a few answers in your other thread, but I'll answer these two questions (to the best of my knowledge) in here.

1. Head kits usually do not require any mods to install them. There are exceptions. If you are getting a 30.5cc kit, you will need a +2mm stroker crank (assuming that the kit doesn't come with one) and you will, in all likelyhood, need to stack gaskets. Usually the kit comes with the two gaskets needed (a copper and normal gasket). Other than that, whatever's in the kit should be all you need, and should just bolt right on.

2. Yes. There are also exceptions to this as well. But essentially the answer is yes.