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Default RE: Kangke Waco Biplane

I wouldn't mind trying a ZDZ40 but, I really want to stay with engines that have single bolt hub's (I dont have a drill press)and use CM-6 plugs(less things I have to keep in stock and track of). My DLE-30 pulls my (15+ lb, 98") RC Guys Super Decathlon around very easily through any manuever I want it to and it's ready to run with a single bolt hub and muffler for around $350.00. I know, I know price shouldn't be the main selling point but, I think the DLE's are very good for everything you get. I also realize the Waco and S.D. are totally different planes but, I'm not looking for unlimited vertical. I just want it to do run of the mill manuevers. I had a Super Stearman with an OS 1.60 and loved the combo. It had massive drag and was pushing 15lbs also. I think the DLE-30 has almost identical performance as the 1.60 did. Just my .02.