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Default Fly near airport question....

Hello to all,

I have recently discovered a very nice place to fly my models, but the problem is that it is located approximately 1,5 miles (maybe less ) from an airport.

The airport runways are orientated NE (usualy take off) and SW (usualy landings). the place that i found is located NW of these runways and I can see the control tower...

My questions are the following:

1 Does any one know if the strong signal of the tower may create interference to my models (I use FF9 in 35 Mhz, no PCM receivers)
2 Do you think that if I fly there I will create problems to their Radars? (my models are usualy 46 to 60 size).

I have tried on the ground with the antenna colapsed and I stayed there for about 20 minutes an i noticed no interference..but i don't want to fly unless i get some advice from you guys
Thanks in advance for your help.