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Default RE: Dean Connectors

ORIGINAL: Gulliver

The best way I have founf to solder large gage wire to a Deans connector is as follows: (there is a simple picture of this somewhere, but I can'f find it so I will try to describe)

Cut off about a 10mm length of 3/16 brass tubing.
At the midpoint cut a slot half way thru the tube.
Slit half the tube lengthwise.

Now spread the slit end and crimp the 10g wire on
Force the other end over the Deans lug

Gently clamp the connecter with wire attached and solder everything together. (Tinning some of the parts may be a good idea, but it works OK without it.)

After the first one, making the little fittings goes fast and is well worth the trouble.
There was an article on that in a recent Model Aviation. I thought it was a pretty good idea. I still prefer bullets (EC5), primarily because I never felt comfortable soldering a round, braided wire to a flat metal tab. There is more meat and IMO more security plugging a wire into a bullet. I also can solder up bullets really fast, not so much with the Deans.