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I order TC-W3 by the case for my Yammie, from the local bike shop. You might be able to do the same for the above.

(BTW if this comes up: when you see oils that say "50:1" or "25:1" on the bottle or data sheet, those are not suggested mix ratios. Always mix per individual engine requirements. Those numbers are the most you can dilute them and retain film strength.)

There are industrial chemical suppliers in Ontario where you can buy methanol in 20l pails. One of them is http://www.alphachem.ca.

ACS grade is >=99.8% pure, HPLC grade is >=99.9% pure. I suspect ACS grade is fine. I can't tell you what kind of price you will get, but it might be okay, might not.

BTW I run my OPS now on regular Omega (15%) with 5oz castor added per gallon. I have a pack of 10 head shims, I can spare a couple if you want to set it up for a some nitro. If that is why you are asking about FAI fuel.