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Default RE: After your trainer, how long did it take you to fly a war bird?

If you really want to get there from here, in a good short time, then listen up...get yourself a nice 'classic' aerobatic model, something like the ARF Intruder or similar. Go find the pattern guys, get the sequences, and go practise them. Enter a few contests, doesn't matter where you place, what you are learning is to position a neutrally stable, highish loading model when and where it has to be, in a disciplined sequence of manovres. One shot at everthing, and in sequence. Make the first flight any time you are out with the model a full pattern. This will teach the sort of discipline you need to approach 'warbird' type scale flying. By the time you get over the buzz of pattern competition, 'warbirds' as such will be a pretty easy proposition and you will enjoy flying them for their differences and appearance, rather than flying around wishing you hadn't taken off and wondering what to do next, which is what you usually see down at the club field.
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