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Default RE: Smartfly Power Expander

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I picked up a 33% H-9 sukhoi a few weeks ago with a smartfly power expander in it.It has a batt-share with two 2700 ma nicads also. The servos are hitec 5925's and I am suprised at the speed these servos have. Does the power expander have anything to do with the speed of the servos? I have 5645's on my 50cc planes with the same size batteries and I can't get that speed from those, but I have never had a power expander on them.

Thanks for the help.
I have 5645's in my H9 89" Carden Yak. You do realize that these servos are Programmable, using the Hitec Servo Programmer. You can adjust parameters such as Neutral, End Points, Deadband, Speed, Servo Direction, etc. Like any computer chip, the Programmable ROM, where these parameters are stored can be compromised and corrupted. You could possibly receive one or two that need to be ReProgrammed.