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Default RE: Knowledge Quiz for Warbird wiz

ORIGINAL: perttime

ORIGINAL: proptop

For the past several clues I've been thinking of a certain modified Saberliner...?
[link=]Northrop Grumman's N168W[/link]?

... or Northrop Grumman's BAC 111-401AK One-Eleven testbed (reg# N164W)

(if this is correct, proptop can have the turn because his Sabreliner suggestion led me to this)
Sorry, but no correct answers thus far. However, it is time for the traditional Memorial Day mid-afternoon clue. Thanks; Ernie P.

This aircraft was unique. It was also one of the most significant and influential aircraft ever flown. And yet, it is one of the least known.

Question: What aircraft do I describe?


(1) Truly one of a kind.

(2) Developed from a rather common airframe.

(3) Flew research missions for many years.

(4) Many of today’s advanced aircraft technologies were developed and advanced by this single aircraft.

(5) One of the strangest looking aircraft ever flown.

(6) Flown by perhaps more different pilots, and test pilots than any individual aircraft in history.

(7) The aircraft’s configuration was designed to be quickly, and radically, altered.

(8) Its unique value was in its ability to mimic the flight characteristics of other aircraft.

(9) The aircraft was built in the mid 1950’s, yet served until only a few years ago.

(10) Flew over 2,500 research flights.

(11) Played a very influential role in the development of both military and commercial aircraft.

(12) Influenced the development of the Space Shuttle.

(13) Influenced the development of the B-1B Lancer.