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Default RE: Knowledge Quiz for Warbird wiz

I can't resist pointing out how often several of you seemed to be right on the verge of the right answer. I hope you all enjoyed the process. Thanks; Ernie P.

In my mind, I have an image of an airliner with a fighter jet radar mounted on the nose... but I cannot find what it is...

Okay... You're on the right track, now. Well, kind of. Glad to know my clues are so succinct. Thanks; Ernie P.

Lockheed Warning Star Constellation?

Oooohhh... You really are trying to think outside the box. I love the thought process, but no. Thanks; Ernie P.

How about the c-140 jetstar general purpose airborne simulator?

Now that was an inspired guess. Incorrect; but a really, really good guess. Thanks; Ernie P.