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Default RE: Knowledge Quiz for Warbird wiz

ORIGINAL: proptop

O.K. something...let's see...

Looking for two aircraft...

1) The two aircraft were in competition with each other for a contract...

2) both types are still flying some 4+ decades later...

3) one A/C won a military contract...the other wound up being a very successful civilian A/C...
Well, there are still a lot of possible answers, but I'll go with the Boeing 747 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The military contract would be for providing 747's as Air Force One, transports, tankers, etc. Both planes are still flying after these many years; both successful in civilian guise. Thanks; Ernie P.

Though Ronald Reagan's two terms as president saw no major changes to Air Force One, the manufacture of the presidential aircraft version of the 747 began during his presidency. The USAF issued a Request For Proposal in 1985 for two wide-body aircraft with a minimum of three engines and an unrefueled range of 6,000 miles. Boeing with the 747 and McDonnell Douglas with the DC-10 submitted proposals, and the Reagan Administration ordered two identical 747s to replace the aging 707s he used. The interior designs were drawn up by First Lady Nancy Reagan, and were reminiscent of the American Southwest. The first of two aircraft designated VC-25A was delivered in 1990, during the administration of George H. W. Bush. Delays were experienced to allow for additional work to protect the aircraft from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects.