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Default Futaba GV-1 governor set up

I just put the first 3 flights on my low-time X-cell 60 and I'm having a little problem with my new Futaba GV-1 governor. It works fine as far as holding any of the 3 switchable RPM's I've set, but the governor will not shut off when I reduce the throttle stick to idle. The heli just sits there, whirring away at 1500 RPM. I thought I set up the throttle stick limits and idle cut off properly, but maybe I'm missing something. To review, I set the throttle stick to low then hit the data button; throttle to high and again hit the data button. Last, I set to idle cutoff and hit the button again.

I'm using a 3-position switch to select RPM's (in this case, 1500, 1550, 1600) and also a separate switch to turn the governor on and off.

If I instead set the throttle stick to one notch above idle (fast idle) and then pushed the data button, would that solve the problem with the governor not disengaging?



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