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Default RE: Newb question


Is there any type of infared sensor out there that can come in a type of sheet form(up to 15 mm thick) Im asking because ive bought some Unimax tanks and dont like how there isnt any armor design. I understand tamiyas heavy medium light health, but Im looking to make something were each of the guns depending on penentration have a set frequency that ranges from the highest to the lowest the sensor can pick up, while the sensor is coated in ''tinted'' layers designed to strip certain frequencies out.
Ex. Sherman 75mm infared beam at frequency ''C'' can not penetrate panthers layers ''A'' through ''D'' stripping layers to get to sensor, so have to go around to hit lower armored ''A'' through ''B'' stripping layers.

Do any sheet sensor exist? And can the classic ''apple'' sensor be modified for this purpose?
I've never heard of sheet type of sensor. All IR tanks I've seen use a type of reciever such as the "apple"style ones or the smaller receivers on VS tanks. I don't think a "layer" type of sensor would work since IR signals are too easy to block to do a variable amount of "penetration".