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ORIGINAL: The Mad Modder

I may be mistaken, but aren't the stock tracks rubber? I've read that the upgrade "hard" tracks(made of plastic) are much less prone to being thrown.

BTW, I'm looking into possibly getting one of VS's Tigers(either a Tiger 1 or the new king tiger that's in the works). I'd like a Tamiya 1/16, but can't really swallow $600 or more right now. Aside from the treads being thrown, how do you like your Tiger?

Hi Mad Moddler, The tracks on the all Tiger I tanks are hard plastic, not rubber. Even though they are much better than the rubber tracks, the hard tracks will still come off the tank or break if the wheels are bent.<o></o>


The VS Tiger I tanks are a great tank and usually weathered very nicely. Out of all the tanks that VS sells, The Tiger tanksare less prone to any kind of mechanical failure as long as it’s an IR tank.