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Default RE: Switch settings for 12FG

ORIGINAL: ozzieflyer

Have just moved to a Futaba 12FG, after 13+ years on a JR 10x.
So am working out the best switch setups.
The first thing, as I am mode 2, I got the spring loaded switch moved form the right hand side to the left hand side, this seemed to make more sense to me for Mode 2.

When I use a trainer Tx, I set the Trainer function to this spring switch.
But what about throttle cut and timer start?
The JR had an analogue trim for throttle so I never needed or knew about throttle cut. What's the best place/switch to put this on?
The timer on the JR was started from the touch screen, (one thing I miss on my 12FG)
And the timer start? I currently have the timer start on one of the spare T6 trims, seems to work ok, but not sure where to put the throttle cut, as I want to make it consisten for all my fture models.

Comments and experience appreaciated.

I know that many pilots are enamored by the Timer in their Tx, but for years, I have been using the Talking Timer.

I clip it on my shirt, set it to the desired Time, and when started, it Counts Down, speaking the number of Minutes left. When it reaches Zero, it plays a tone of your choice, for one Minute, then starts to Count Up.

In Clock Mode, it will speak the Time, whenever you press a button. It can also be used as a Count Up timer.

Many of my fellow club members use this device. It is so much more useful than the Timer in the Tx.