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Default RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise

True, but first impressions are everything,I worked at a hobby shop, and its true. I think that if it was next to , ooh I don't know a hpi vorza flux (its the only thing I could think of off the top of my head that was in any way similar) that somone would rather buy the Hpi vehicle because it looks cooler, probally has more aftermarket hop ups, and is easier to get parts for, Same thing with a dune runner and a Hpi baja, people would probably go with the hpi. the only thing that i ever saw sell well that was off brand was the duratrax evader Dt, and thats because they look awesome. and you can beat the living crap out of them. Red cat needs to get into more hobby stores, and quit being a thing that people buy off the internet, because once they do that they could see, wow redcats arent that bad, the way they operate now people think they "hide" behind the internet, The hobby store I worked at I was only ever able to convince one person to get a redcat vehicle. and that was after letting them see my earthquake 8e. I would like to see redcat become a brand name (- the brand name prices) but if they continue they way their going, shipping out vechiles with bad esc's, bad batteries, missing parts etc, thats not going to help their reputation, and yes Ive seen alsmot every brand ship with a bad electronic part, but redcat seems to do it a awful lot, ooh and theres also the thing with their diffs in  the 8E series turning into powder (i killed a set of them before I shimmed them) Thaey should have never been allowed to ship like that, I hear the problems been correctedm but that seemed to turn alot of people away from redcat
Sorry for carrying on there...