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Default RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise

Ramtech - If i wanted a 1/5 scale xbe - i would own one. HOWEVER - I AM very interested in this 1/6 scale shredder, and am looking for simple answers to see if it would be the right fit for a redcat enthusiast (not just a novice).

I will thank you for your dismissive answer above, but really? Out of all that was brought up - thats your entire response? I might suggest that you leave the redcat PR up to Darin, - since an answer like yours is an easy way to chase off potential customers.

As it stands however, you came in here volunteering information, but are the only source so far. Of course you're being asked questions. Did you expect not to be? Dodging them with a dismissive answer just shows that you either don't know a whole lot about the product, or aren't willing to share that info... which is fine, in either of those cases but please don't act as though you can't be bothered with the concerns being brought up. You voluntarily shouted out your endorsement of a product we know nothing about, but are eager to learn about.

Redcat products aren't simply aimed at the "if you want a great product, cheap - buy this" crowd. That's the EXACT type of approach that made me avoid traxxas for years. If you'll look around this forum, there's a big mix of novices and enthusiasts.. and redcat is quickly developing a loyal following of the latter. I've spent thousands on rc tech, and will continue to do so.. my experience level is high, and yet i still *choose* redcat because i recognize the quality and value.

I'll ask again, and look forward to an actual response this time.

Does this vehicle offer better durability than the 8 scale series?

If not - does it have any changes to the driveline or running gear that would give it an advantage over the 8 scale series to make up for the hit it takes in size and weight?

Also, xerxes - to make sure you understand me, i'll say it very simply. At no point in time did i say the motor was weak. At no point in time did i say that the 80a isn't enough. I am concerned about them, certainly... which is exactly why i am ASKING QUESTIONS that will clarify where this vehicle fits, in the redcat lineup... where potential improvements exist that will make up for, or even enhance the use of the esc and motor... and to see whether the vehicle will be offered sans said equipment for the enthusiasts, in the same way the 1/5 scale options can be had without running gear, to let people make their own choices, should they wish.