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Default RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise

Wow, always nice to see active threads like this.

I will do my best to describe where the Shredder fits into the Redcat line.

First of all, Redcat does not try to follow what other RC companies do all the time. We would rather come out with vehicles that we think will attract the new customer or come out with a vehicle that does not already exist at all or does not exist at a certain price point. Of course there are also the mainstream vehicles that just by default we will carry such as a 1/10 nitro or 1/10 electric but what really excites me is to do something different or to price a vehicle far below what already exists.

The Rampages are a good example of this. When we launched them a few years ago, there were a lot of naysayers about them. But.... we targeted the 1/5 scale gas market with a 4x4 at around half the price of the closest competitor when they first came out. It helped create a customer that would not have existed for us, because back then the going rate for a 1/5 scale was $850+ and that was for a 2WD Baja. We added the XT line last year and brought the barrier of entry for gas 4x4 even lower. We have sold many thousands of Rampages and we are sure we brought a lot of customers into the 1/5 gas market that could not afford it before.

The 1/8 Electrics are a similar comparison. When we launched them, not only were we one of the few that had a 1/8 brushless vehicle but we surely were one that had a fully RTR vehicle for if not the lowest price on the market, it was damn close.

So what is the Shredder? Well, to put it bluntly, to me it is one of the most fun vehicles we have. I simply fell in love with it when I first tested them. The size, durability and speed is what it is really all about. Not to fill a niche for Redcat, not to fill a void for a vehicle that does not already exist in the market, but instead to have a vehicle that due to its size and speed, is just a great fun time to drive and experience. Take the fun factor into account for those that have driven larger scale vehicles and add to the fact that it is under $500 and you have a vehicle that also answers the other questions above that Redcat looks for.

I am not going to say this is the best vehicle since sliced bread because if it were, it would be $1000, but it is without a doubt a big, fast enough, durable enough inexpensive basher that most people will enjoy.

Lastly for Xerxes.... 1. Thank you for whatever kind words you have said. 2. It is great when others come into our forum to help out others. 3. Your name is very cool. 4. For the love of GOD, each time I read your posts my brain hurts.

Hope that helps.