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Default RE: Switch settings for 12FG

I used the spring loaded switch for throttle cut so it is always inactive unless i moved the switch.

If you use a 2-pos switch you could inadvertently have the switch set to throttle cut which could have you stumped trying to solve why the engine is not starting (don't ask me how i know .)

Also, if you haven't already discovered the throttle cut feature will only cut the throttle when the stick is at idle. If you're at half throttle and bump the t-cut it will not function. I usually land, throttle to idle, then flick the cut switch briefly to stop the engine.

The 12FG has the best and most flexible timer of any radio but it can be very confusing to set it up.
You can set separate start and stop switches or stick positions.
You can also set them separately for individual flight modes which i find a real boon with electric helis in particular.