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Default RE: Hangar 9 produced the Twin Otter!


new to this tread, but I am looking to get a H9 Twin Otter, a few questions and a photo request.

I would like to put in a pair of Power 32 motors and some 60 Amp ESC and run them on 4s 4000mah lipos (have lots of these 4 cells - I fly my t-34 metor and my T-6A texan on them) but would like to run 3 bladed props,- Any suggestion on what 3 bladed prop and spinner to use???

Any issues with the build, or is it pretty straight forward???? I know H9 says it is easy, but based on the issues I had with my T-6a and converting it to electric, I am not looking for that again!

Picture reqeuest:
Can someon take a picture of their bird with the wings off - I hope to have enough room in the wagon to transport the bird??

Could one some one take a picture of how their lipos are installed?

Thanks, and will wait to hear back!