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Default RE: Horizon Hobbies product support

First, I would be susprised that any of the plane programs were intact.Most Tech support today, notjust RC but PC and suchwanta from factory setup to begin trouble shooting. IEa full from factory reset is done.

As for the L shap youscratched on the RX's, it looks like they replaced one of them. I don'tsee anything bad with that.

Few people are more critical ofthe support we get today from all aspects of our life. TV's, PC's Cars, you name it. for the most part is just sucks.Ispend 30 years servicingmain frame computers for IBMand we were the world class service back then. Ijudge the service today by thosestandards. I've got to say though that both Horizion andHobbico are providing very good customer support for thebulk of the problems. I'venot been disapointed withthe response from either over the last 6 years. Throw in Hobby People's support of the Magnum engines on the plus side.

Iguess I have to ask what you expecetd thatyoudidn't get?