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Default RE: What is your favorite vintage RC?

The first R/C car I had was a Grasshopper I bought new when I was in 8th grade. I worked hard for that car. I spent just as much souping it up with things like bearings, motor upgrade, suspension upgrade, etc. I still have the tub and gearbox but sadly many parts are missing.

Next, I saved up enough to buy a Frog. Delivered a lot of newspapers for that one. I think I bought it my sophomore year in high school. I used in through college and stopped when the battery tray broke from too much jumping. I still have it, it is complete other than the extra gear bag. I have been meaning to check EBay for a gear set for it...

When I was in college I was on break visiting a friend who wasn't mechanically inclined at all. He was interested in R/C briefly and had 2 cars. He tore the first one down to get the radio out to put in the second. Later he went to rebuild the first one and didn't know how it went back together. It turns out his dog chewed up the instructions so he was stuck. Remember, this is back in the days before the internet. Anyway, he offered me the car for free so of course I took it. He brought out a Kyosho bag with an original HotShot in pieces inside. It was missing the front half-shafts that I bought mail-order and put the radio set from my Frog in it. I ran that for years. It still has paint from the dorm walls on the front bumper.

I went back to my parent's attic in the Midwest and retrieved these cars. I have run the Hotshot and through Craigslist got a radio for the Frog that I have yet to install. Once I work off the list of things to do around the house I may get to it...

My favorite vintage R/C car is without a doubt the Tamiya Bruiser. I read everything there was to read about this car. I remember riding to the hobby shop on my bike and staring at the box on the self. I couldn't deliver enough papers to afford that car. Move forward 20 years and I got my old cars out and decided to check EBay for a Bruiser. Holy cow! I am not working that much overtime to afford a Bruiser! At the time I was driving a 20 year old Prelude with 200k + miles on it that wasn't worth some of the going prices for a Bruiser. I guess I'm left with staring at these models, except now it is through a computer screen on the internet which didn't exist when I first laid eyes on a Tamiya Bruiser.