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Default RE: Radios in the UK

ORIGINAL: llusion Long story, but last year I sold ALL my R/C and IMAC stuff. Now, I want to get back into R/C.
BUT.. we are moving to the UK. So, before I buy a new radios, what the requirments in the UK.
Does JR or Futaba support this? Can I get a JR12X and pop in a new module for the UK.
They use Spectrum and 2.4 (Futaba and JR) in the UK just like us. So, is there a problem?
Thanks Wayne
Note. TXbought in USA do not usuallly have the required CEsticker attached
Information on Licence Exempt devices in the UK (Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.)
The Hitec AFHSS systems, e.g. Aurora 9, is one of a few that is the same in every respect as sold in USA as UK.
Spektrum, as used in USA has twice the power permitted UK and many other countries.
( a lower powered version of JR&Spektrum is available in UK with required certification attached).
In need, refer web pages of and inquire direct to:
British Model Flying Assoociation &
Large Scale Model Assn - UK.

Alan T.
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