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Default RE: Radios in the UK


As far as I know all Futaba transmitters are CE approved so they can be used in EU countries like UK. But for Futaba high end radios 12Z, 12FG and 14MZ (and probably the new 18MZ) they are regioncoded so if you buy for example 12FG in US and want to use it in EU countries like UK you must let a Futaba service center change region code in the transmitter to Europe and You must use a European transmitter module (TM-14 for 12FG). When you go back to US you have to change the transmitter region code again, to US, and use a US transmitter module (TM-14). Here in Europe (except France that has special rules) we have a max transmitter signal output of 100 milliwatt and as far as I know Futaba has all their FASST transmitters set to use that. Why Futaba choose to have the high end transmitters and modules region coded I'm not sure but I suppose It has to do with devide the sales and service regions so to avoid world wide competition. Lets say You find a 12FG in Asia much cheaper then you can find in US - then the region code will make it dificult and expensive to start to use it in US and so You buy it in US instead. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this. I have a Futaba 14MZ that region code has been changed in once. I have a US and European TM-14 module for it. If You want to have a Futaba radio the 8FG Super is not region coded and can be used in US and Europe so that would be my first choice for a situation you are in.
Of course other brands will be fine also if you check the regulations and actions needed for themto be used in US and UK in your case.