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Default frsky quality

I got a module from hobby city for my futaba 8u, plugged it in and wouldnt bind. this seemed odd. tried and tried. pulled it out of the radio and shook and heard a rattle. upon opening the case, found the plug which covers the female pins off. also one of the female broke. quick resolder put plug back on and same thing. This time when block came off pulled a pad off the board with one of the female pins. the pins got shorted out. rf doesnt work anymore cooked the 72mhz module when i pluged it back in and a corona 2.4 diy as well. worst part about it the dammed frsky works flawless, soldered a balance tab from a battery pack to board pluged the balance tab to my second 8u and it works. no product support from frysky. they are in china so accountability is nil. this is a common problem ive found from reading posts about frsky.