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Default RE: transmitter battery

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I have been out of rc flying for 4 or five years and now am getting back in. My transmitter is a Futaba T6XA and has the original battery which doesn't hold a charge now. What is the current ''good' battery to use? Mine is a ni-cad 600 mah, but I imagine there are much better things to use now. What should I look for?
Jim S.
I use 3cell 2500mah LiPos is all my formerly 9.6v transmitters. If you choose to be more cautious, use 2500mah Eneloop batteries. They are a form of NiMh battery that holds it's charge like a LiPo but operates at a voltage similar to what you are using now. 3cell LiPos charge to 12.6v but I have never had a problem with them, they charge in 30 min, the charge lasts for months, and they are just as cheaply priced as NiCad or NiMh. I pull them out of my Tx once a month and charge them.

The T6XA was my first computer radio.