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Default RE: LiFe Batteries

For LiFe battery packs with a nominal of 6.6V recharge at 6.5V.

For Life battery packs with a nominal of 6.4V, recharge at 6.4V.

Below these voltages you are running a huge risk as you are approaching the "cliff" (they drop off super fast.)

I am not a fan of the fly, recharge and fly methos as you may not be pulling the same amperage on every flight. Depends on manoevres, airspeed, air density. E.g I tried the fly and charge over several flights. I found that on my pattern plane flying the same schedule over a 6min flight I was using from 80m.A to 130m.A.
Sure it provideds you with a good idea of how many flights to expect before recharging but the commercially available battery checkers for Life and LiPo are accurate enough to provide the same information with a larger safety margin.
And Safety is the main reason why we check, right?