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Default RE: my poor dog :(

ORIGINAL: joebahl

ORIGINAL: meef rustler

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meef rustler, many people have a dog as a best companion. my friends aren't worth **** and my brother either. and why do you care what i do? maybe i come on here? what does it matter to you? its not affecting your life in any way is it? i like animals MUCH MUCH more than humans. **** you meef. **** you.
Well, if the dog is your companion, okay. But I care what you do on these forums because you always post in threads that you don't know anything about. You post a variety of unneeded, un-helpful posts.

Hey meef ,who makes you the mod around here if you dont want to know what happened to his best friend dont look at the trread . It kills me that this guy has nothing better to do but to start causing trouble on ,what was a nice thread about a guys friend that got hurt. I dont know the guy that started this thread but i would fly with him any day rather than trying to listen to you complain about everything ! Why dont you go to the ama section if you realy want to argue meef. joe

well said joe.