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Default Has anyone heard about the FAA banning the use of 2.4 in RC?

I take what I over hear with a grain of salt but it makes a soso argument. And 2 years ago I just got back into the hobby after 20 years and am learning about all the new advances. To be honest there are way too many choices these days about everything, look at the toothpaste aisle in your grocery store, but I digress. The gist is that the FAA doesn't like that we use 2.4 because it is used in FPV transmitting visual signals (e.g. Unmanned Drones), and with the channel changing capabilities they harder jam the signal if they need to. I never thought 20 years ago the FAA would be involved in this, maybe its because you can buy essentially a half scale Predator copy on the internet.

P.S. After reading my own post above I wonder if this guy smokes allot of weed and plays video games all day thinking about how the Government is after us. But the question still stands, FAA banning us using 2.4? I'm sure I'm going to get a ear full about how dumb that is but this all started because I want to upgrade equipment and in the market for a new Tx. Go 2.4 which I love, or buy a 72mhz with a module so I can transfer back if need be? So let the public humiliation begin!