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Default I got real lucky

This post is a reminder to always do a good preflight....
Thrid flight of the day on my 50CC Python. Start up and control throw checks were normal...taxi out ok....take off roll required the same as always rudder input to track straight.
Take off took a little more than normal elevator input...Hmmmm....climb out was ok...but now at cruise I need some up trim...Hmmm....into a loop and I need a tad bit more elevator than normal to exit...Ok....inverted took more elevator than normal...something just aint right...set up to land now this is my second time around the pattern...was basically normal...flair was ok nice touch down...taxi in and my right elevator is drooping.....
The screw that holds the servo arm to the servo was still in the arm but had loosened up enough to allow the arm not to be on the spline of the servo....
My servo for the elevator is under the horizontal stab...so It was kinda easy to miss....but I didn't look either....had a stern talking with myself..and I'll be more careful....
Always do a good preflight