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Default RE: eratic servo control


can anybody help please . iam having problems with my 40Mhz system every now and then all servos go ape .
receiver runs on bec from power controler, and the boat carries a 2.4Ghz tx all leads have ferrite beads on them ?
the receiver is fatuba 7channel the hand set is also used with another unit with no problem!.
it does not seem to be arange problem usualy as its usaly 5-25 yards when problems start?
rarely at great range some times 600yards with no probs.
any ideas please
This is a little confusing. You state you have a 40Mhz radio with a 2.4Ghz Tx. What model Tx and Rx do you have? What exactly is the Power Controller (do you mean ESC?)? What type and voltage of batteries are you using? How is the antenna routed?