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Default Arrogance at your field?

I was wondering if anyone has seen or had any exp with ths matter? I have finally settled on a home field here in the northern Virginia area after visiting many of the local fields. The number one thing I was tunred off by was the arrogance by some of the members towards us newbie flyers.

Specific example:

Last year we were invited guests at a field with our then trainers. The takeoff pattern was hairy becuase you had to avoid a power line. Being a newbie I pulled up to hard on takeoff and stalled it. It went over the pits and cam down hard. Besides my lg breaking all was well. Midday they had an informal meeting indicationg they felt many pilots were "out of control" or just unsafe. Seeing how I was 1 of 2 new guys who made a mistake that day it was geared towards me directly.

I find the older exp fliers have this built in frown toards the new guys. I saw it again last week when a new guy flew with his little electrtic plane accidently over the pits. No harm no foul but they had to say something under their breathe. Funny thing is these same guys are some of the crappiest fliers on the field and are the ones who are in the pits more with engine problems than the newbie who is out every 10 minutes flying.

You all get my point, any input on this or has anyone exp the same thing? Dont get me wrong the majority of my club members are awesome guys and I love flying with them but there always seems to be an exception