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Default Arrogance at your field?

Flying over the pits is a no no.

It just makes sense, for safety's sake.

However, accidents happen... That's why they're called accidents.

Anyone can get into trouble, or make a little mistake and accidentally fly over the pits. If it happens, a nice loud "I'm sorry!... The wind got me!" (or whatever). And it should be overlooked.

But then you have your chronic complainers...

I recall a time when a guest of mine was flying at my field, he was a good flier, but he was having sever radio problems. His plane wandered over the pits, and someone yelled out to him "HEY! NO FLYING OVER THE PITTS!"

I said to this person, "He's in trouble!", meaning he's having radio trouble.

The guy said, "You think he's having trouble now? Wait and see what happens if he flies over the pits again!"

His Plane left the pit area, but as he was trying desperately to get it back down, it went over the pits again.

"Hey! this Jerk yells, "I told you about flying over the pits!" and then promptly tells me that my guest is not welcome at our field anymore, and that I am banned for a week for bringing him.

I laughed right in this guy's face (he really liked that). Fortunately, the Club Pres was there and saw the whole thing, and set this guy straight.

But the moral is: there are some people out there who you just can't please.