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Default Arrogance at your field?

Their at fault and should not complain. They invited you, and they knew your where inexperienced, they should have been giving you check rides with a buddy cord of at least talking you through the pattern before setting you lose on your own.

As far as guys saying BAD things about ONE flyover, they need to chill. There ARE risks and accidents WILL happen. It is one thing to walk up and try to investigate to why the flyover occured, it is another to go up an chew out the pilot or worse, just bad mouth him and ignor him. They do have a right for the constant violator and should again, force the violator to accept disciplinary action, not just sit back a bad mouth and outcast him as some that you described will do.

I see a lot of this in this hobby too since I travel a lot. It is why RC has such a reputation of being full of arrogant rich SOBs.