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Default Arrogance at your field?

well we tried to stay, the club pres is nice but many members have the fear of the young guys mentaility. I dont know what it is or how to explain it. Not just with me, I have seen with other new members etc. We felt we were being singled out unfairly and tried to hang in there until we found a new field where most the guys are nice to hang with are even helpful in offering assistance with any problems that might arise.

getting back the safety issue that keeps popping up I used that as an example. The attitude I find is not strictly associated with a flying mistake but one that is general in presence among certain members. Almost like a disdain from them. I also have noticed this to be prevelant among the "older" crowd that has their own clique. Dont take that the wrong way, many of the guys I fly with and have laughs with are twice my age so dont take it offensively.