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Default Arrogance at your field?

Originally posted by MinnFlyer
I recall a time when a guest of mine was flying at my field, he was a good flier, but he was having sever radio problems. His plane wandered over the pits, and someone yelled out to him "HEY! NO FLYING OVER THE PITTS!"

I said to this person, "He's in trouble!", meaning he's having radio trouble.

The guy said, "You think he's having trouble now? Wait and see what happens if he flies over the pits again!"

His Plane left the pit area, but as he was trying desperately to get it back down, it went over the pits again.

"Hey! this Jerk yells, "I told you about flying over the pits!" and then promptly tells me that my guest is not welcome at our field anymore, and that I am banned for a week for bringing him.
Well - just to offer a counterpoint....

It is of course hard to judge without being there to see what happened, but if the aircraft was that out of control that he flew over the pits not just once, but twice, then perhaps the pilot should have just sacrificed the aircraft after he got it clear of the pits the first time, rather than coming back for another pass at hitting someone.

It just seems to me that sometime we pilots get tunnel vision and can think of nothing but "try to save the aircraft at all costs", without regard to the bystanders.

When you stress level goes up, this tunnel vision can happen to the best piolts, but that's where a good caller can help ... I seem to remember reading about an incident a while ago where Chip Hyde had a mid-air and fought the aircraft back under a semblance of control, trying to get it back to the runway - fortunately his caller had the presence of mind to warn him when he was getting close to the crowd line, and so Chip took his warning to heart and just put the aircraft in without further delay.

Models can be usually be replaced a bit easier than those soft pink bodies in the pits can. It may be hard to remember that when flying your pride & joy, but we've gotta try.

Back to the original point of this thread - the concern for safety was probably valid, but the way in which it that concern was handled could probably stand some improvement.