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Default Arrogance at your field?

arrogance: a feeling of or an impression of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or presumptuous claims.

If I state that pilots are "out of control" or unsafe and you were one of the pilots that was "out of control", then yes, the statement is directed at you. I don't see how this in a of itself is arrogance. Even if by the actually words used and tone of voice it is perceived as arrogance, you still were out of control over the pits.

Yes, we all know better and yes we all have probably been over the pits; however, that still doesn't excuse the activity.

Nothing scares me more than out of control planes heading for the pits. When I see it done, I often will yell out and ask if the pilot needs help. If they say "yes" I'll be Johnny on the spot to help them. If they say no then I bellow out to get that plane back where it belongs. If they do it twice in one flight my tone will change to get that %^$&% plane back where it belongs and land NOW. Arrogance or safety minded? What if I say nothing and someone is injured?