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Default Arrogance at your field?

agree with you on some terms but my point again is NOT the safety issue that has become this thread. Its the percieved arrogance that pollutes many fields in this area. The lack of being helpful to new guuys or more exp fliers. Many of you have mixed the thought of directing a lost/porr flier with what my point is.

arrogance: a feeling of or an impression of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or presumptuous claims.

yes that defiintion is ecatly the bahviour I have seen that does 2 things:

1. discourages the person on the receiving end
2. leaves a bad tatse with them and the field they are at

The incident I had was over a year ago and now when I see it I kindly and gently help the poilot out of the area if he is new and help him better understand how he got there in the 1st place. I have seen many people do likewise and it helps the new guy along without belittling him.

Same guy who loves to yell at the new guys becuase hes worried about safety is out flying an unstable aircraft that deadsticks more than I can count at all attitudes and positions becuase he cant tune his engine in. My point is becuase you have been flying longer does not make you a better poilot nor does it discount the fact that they themselves cant get caught in a situation that result in damage or worse.

You cannot tell me when the exp pilot that occasonally cuts it too close to the pits or actually flies over the pits by accident has been lectured? I think not. I speak from exp as I have seen it over and over. The guy flying the 35% who accidently got it bent over the pits is excused becuase "he knows what he is doing" I watched him fly his little park flyer RIGHT OVER THE PITS and not a person said anything to him. Now the kid with the Aerobird who flys on the far end of the pits by accident gets the lecture and the under the breath grumblngs from the "loiterers".

Please comment on the topic and not safety issues as that is a non issue as we all know. Im trying to understand and discuss not go into "lecture the new guy for his pits fly over". I simply used that as an example of the attitude displayed.